Thinking... not having a car service saves money? 

The little light on your dashboard has been flashing at you for weeks telling you your car needs a service. Many people ignore that little light but do so at a cost. There are five main reasons you should get your service completed regularly:  
Getting those servicing stamps in your log book helps the resale value of the car – saving money! Keeping your filters and engine clean and clear maintain fuel economy – saving money! Servicing picks up potential faults which if left could result in bigger bills – saving money! Regular servicing can mean lower costs when the MOT is due parts are maintained – saving money! A regular service means dangerous faults on a car can be found early – saving money and an accident! 

 Electronic Key Fob Service History 

Getting those electronic service stamps in your digital service log book helps the resale value of the car – saving money! Many garages other than BMW are not going to be able to carry out this process.  
However we are not one of those garages! We have invested in the equipment and directly with BMW which enables us to carry out this important task with ease. As part of the service when applicable we will: Read the Key Data using our Genuine BMW Key Reading Device and select the applicable service items and print of a service sheet if requested Confirm the service which has been carried out with your BMW. 


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